Everyday items that you might not realise are Powder Coated


Look around and you will be surprised to see that powder coating is on a variety of items you see or use every day.   Powder Coating has been around since the late 1960′s and is a more economical and environmentally friendly option than traditional painting. Powder Coating is cost effective and helps protect products from rust and deterioration.  It keeps the shine and new painted feel that traditional paint does not. The way it works is that a powder (of any colour you choose) is sprayed onto a metal surface. This powdered metal object is then placed in a special powder coating oven (known as the coating and curing process). The heat from the oven causes the powder particles to form a type of seal over the product.  Durable and weather resistant it is a perfect choice for a variety of objects and items that you didn’t realise use powder coating in their creation. Check out 6 products that you didn’t realise are powder coated….


  1. Basketball Rims

Many of us have spent countless hours when we were younger shooting hoops on a powder coated rim. And because that rim was powder coated it survived the weather conditions of our harsh Australian climate.

  1. Vending Machines

Many drink and food vending machines are located outside in the elements. Whether its public areas such as stadiums or train stations, outside timber and building yards, hospitals, car yards and the like… the protection that powder coating gives, means that vending machines can withstand a variety of weather conditions and continue to look in tip top shape & provide food & drinks.

  1. Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are not, in fact, painted to get that bright red colour, they are powder coated! Powder coatings come in all different colours, even metallic, fluorescent, and glittery. As powder coating technology continues to progress, we should see an even wider range of textures and aesthetics.

  1. Microwaves

Microwaves are powder coated because the polymers do not heat up, and the surface is shiny enough to bounce the microwaves around inside of the appliance. Powder coating is non-toxic, which makes it perfect for this application where the coating is in close interaction with food.

  1. Wheel Rims

Ever walked past a car and admired the shine and colour of those rims?  Most likely they have been powder-coated.  With an array of colour choices – you can make your wheels stand out.  Usually made of aluminium, it makes wheel rims a perfect powder-coating subject. Aluminium can withstand the intense heat of the curing process, and powder coating is much more durable than painting or anodizing. Powder-coated wheels have a more durable finish which is perfect when naturally exposed to harsh conditions on the roads.

  1. Outdoor Furniture

Almost everyone has some type of metal outdoor/lawn furniture, and more than likely, it was manufactured using powder coating.  This powder coating gives protection from rust and deterioration when out in the Australian elements.  With a variety of colours you can make your outdoor setting stand out or blend in with the aesthetic of your home.


As you can see powder coating stretches far and wide. There are many everyday materials and products that benefit from powder coating in their creation. So if you find that you might be needing powder coating services o n the Central Coast, Newcastle or Sydney areas – why not give the team at Graceline a call.  We specialise in all things powder coated! 😉