Powder-Coated Car Rims – A perfect choice for customising your car

For many, owning a car is more than simply a mode of transportation allowing us to get from point A to point B.  A car is an expression and extension of who we are, our personality and individuality.    So why not make a statement and powder coat your tire rims?

The benefits of powder coating the rims of your tires can be seen in that they not only look great – they will have the ultimate protection and durability.  Powder coated rims means being resistant against chips, scratches, fading and chemicals.  They add value to your car and will make it look as new!


Powder Coating performs much better than traditional liquid paint as it designed to specifically to add colour to metal.  The powder coating method uses a coloured powder coating applied with an electrostatic gun.  It is then heated to solidify the colour, creating a strong and durable coat.

The beauty of powder coating your tire rims is that it will survive the wear and tear experienced by your wheels daily.  Your rims will always look as fresh and new as the day it was applied!

The team here at Graceline are meticulous in creating a great finish for your rims.  We will safely remove all existing coatings and prepare the wheel surface properly to ensure that the powder coat adheres to the rims.  With a wide variety of finishes you can create a flat, matt, satin or gloss finish that is prefect for you to express your individuality and unique sense of style for your car.

At Graceline, we pride ourselves on our powder coating skills, and its not just tire rims – in fact, if it’s made of iron, steel or aluminium and can fit in our oven – we will paint it! From chassis’ and frames to roll bars and cages, our powder coating services are second to none.  Located 2 minutes of the freeway at Warnervale you can drop off your item or we can arrange pick up and delivery. Why not call the team on 0243924462 and customise your car with vibrant powder-coated rims!