Preserve your boat’s fixtures with Powder Coating

Maintaining your boat can be a time-consuming effort and ensuring all parts of your boat are protected from the natural elements of air, water, sun and salt is imperative to preserving the life of your marine vehicle.  So what can you do?  Well, there is always the option of sanding and painting and then re-sanding back the affected metals year after year, or you could have the marine part powder coated!

Powder coating is one of the best ways to protect the parts and fixtures of your marine craft from saltwater corrosion.  It’s an effective and long-term economical solution that will give a durable and superior finish in a variety of colour choices.  Whether it’s rails, outdrives, propellers, towers, marine trailers, radar arches, boat gashes, fishing rod holders or any brass work, aluminium or stainless-steel fixture; powder coating is the perfect choice as it will preserve the wear and tear of the metals on your boat – as well as make them shine!

The beauty of powder coating is that it is tougher and thicker than a painted surface and therefore more durable in dealing with the harsh effects of salt water on metal.

Having a boat means enjoyment and relaxation on the water – not being moored or stuck on land maintaining and fixing any deterioration and repairs.  Preserve your boats fixtures with powder coating by Graceline!  It’s a small investment that will increase the value and aesthetic of your jet ski, boat, trawler or other marine vessel.  Powder coating for your boat or marine vehicle is the perfect choice and will allow you to spend more time doing what you love!