The Graceline Guarantee

All of us at Graceline Aluminium & Powder Coating are passionate about what we do! We guarantee our products and our service, and it is that guarantee and expertise that makes us well known on the Central Coast, Hornsby, Newcastle and Port Stephen areas.  Balustrades, fences and gates, wheel rims, trailers, shelving – in fact anything you can think of is all powder coated in our factory.  We oversee quality workmanship daily, so when thinking about anything aluminium or powder coated remember:

  • We have a full range of coating colours
  • All Fences, balustrades and gates can be made to your design and measurements. Most importantly – we comply with local government regulations.
  • All welds are nonferrous, minimising any risk of corrosion
  • Advice is given on the care and maintenance of all projects
  • Only top-quality latches and attachments are used
  • We provide helpful hints for the D.I.Y customer
  • Panels and gates are made to order, straight, raked or curved.


It is our assurance and expertise that make Graceline the best! To find out more or ask a question regarding your next project – why not contact the team on 43 924462.